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Ssc become a supporting system in a more effective way to manage procurement and supply of goods, services, and other resources across the chain. Business will manage supply chain process from handling manufacturing and warehouse resources to managing transportation and execution processes. ERP solution takes care of elements of supply chain. 

To managing supply chain be more effectively required most integrated ERP. VIE is the right ERP solution to bring in SSC supply chain ecosystem.  Click here  to further more about VIE.



The quality of being easily seen throught honesty and openness

Track & Trace

be equipped by high protected system for traceability and tracking check 


completely remove or get rid of unnecessary function in supply chain product or sevices. 


SSC supported PureHeart #HarmonyInDiversity

Business can help a growth economic for sustainable living especially for retirees. Therefore, Pureheart will provide a retirement future plan program to manage their fee productively.


Manage Your Supply Chain


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Sustainable Supply Chain

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